Eco-Pal 48×40 Plastic Pallet

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Reusable Plastic Pallet

  • Affordable substitute for a reusable plastic pallet
  • Designed with an anti-lip top deck
  • Perimeter rim allows for packages to be better secured

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Eco-Pal 48×40 for Warehouse Applications

Making the switch to plastic from wood pallets? The Eco-Pal 48×40 plastic pallet is an excellent low cost option for a warehouse plastic pallet. Built to easily handle 4,400 lbs while in transit, and edge rack up to 2,200 lbs, the Eco-Pal is a formidable pallet for warehousing applications.

In-Stock and Ready to Ship Today

Because of their popularity as an economical warehouse plastic pallet, the Eco-Pal is always in stock and ready to ship from Fresno, CA.

Dimensions Weight Floor Capacity Fork Capacity Racking Capacity Type Qty per Stack
48″x40″x6.00″ 34 lbs 8,800 4,000 2,200.00 Rackable, FDA 17