Plastic Pallets

Pallets For Every Industry

Our plastic pallets are designed for all material handling needs. Whether you are using pallets for export and shipping, or keeping them in a warehouse as a long term investment, we have the right pallet for you.

Great Alternative to Wood

Consider plastic pallets as an excellent alternative to wood pallets. Reusable pallets are designed to be much more durable, and capable of being cleaned; while export pallets are designed to be lighter and easier to ship internationally.

ISPM-15 Exempt

Pallets made from plastic are ISPM-15 exempt, which makes them a great solution for the use of export shipping. All products that are shipped internationally on wood pallets must be heat-treated or fumigated and stamped with a mark of compliance. Because plastic pallets are exempt from the ISPM-15 certification requirement, they are a much more reliable shipping alternative.

Ready for Your Order

We strive to have our plastic pallets in-stock and ready to ship. Find the right pallet for your operation. We are ready to receive your order.